How to expand references to chapter titles to "Chapter 7: How to grow better ..."

Looking at the user-manual (Page 80, section 8.4.4, Version 1.9.7 for Windows) I see it is possible to expand cross-references to Chapter (Folder) titles using a prefix (E.g. "Chapter 7: "

But that section does not actually describe how to do that. The manual says “With the above option configured correctly…” but frustratingly does not say what that “Correct configuration is”.

Can anybody please help with the step-by-step process / compile options that will cause cross-references to be adjusted as described in section 8.4.4.

Has anybody got any ideas on this? It seems like a fairly basic function of any tool used to develop text documents. The manual almost describes how to make this work - but it is not clear. Can anybody help please?