how to export a page as bitmap?

I have a page in my document where I’ve pasted lots of little pics (thumbnails). It would be useful to be able to export this whole page to a single bitmap file so I can play around with it in my graphics editor (like GIMP).

Is it possible?

With thanks.

You can’t export the document as an image file, but you could right-click each of the inserted images and choose “Save As Picture” and save those outside Scrivener so you could manipulate them in GIMP.

Or if it all fits on one screen, you could take a screenshot. By the way, have you checked out Scapple? :wink: It’s much nicer for doing little composites like this since you can move the thumbnails around freely, and you can export as PNG or vector PDF.

Thanks. Individual pics were too small in one screenshot so ended up copying and pasting each individually. I’ll take a look at scapple.

There was something in the menu that I can’t find now that allowed me to select several thumbnails at once (by accident) and save to one pic. But thatt permanently connected them and altered the image to a faded out bluish wash that I couldn’t then reverse to normal.

We scriv & learn!

Might you have had some kind of extension installed that allowed you to manipulate inserted images this way? That’s definitely not a menu option from Scrivener itself; there aren’t any image tools like that in the program. If you double-click an inserted image you can name it and resize it, and right-clicking the image will let you Save As Picture, but that’s the extent of Scrivener’s embedded image options. :slight_smile:

I don’t know. It’s a mystery! I’ve never been able to replicate it.