How to export simple HTML for pages on a website?


I’m having a challenge getting HTML marked text out of Scrivener to post to a website. I thought I needed it to add the <p> and </p> tags around each paragraph of the text created in Scrivener, plus handle the quotation marks properly. I’m posting chapters at my website that is powered by Xenforo, a forums-based software. Their suggestion was to post the text into a thread, then copy/paste the resulting View Source markup into a Page. That works, but is clumsy.

Their Pages don’t recognize the paragraphs in simple text, but their Threads do. Their markup looks like this:

<br />
Jules asks, &quot;Why does Jammer think they won't pick you?&quot;<br />
<br />
Kendra keeps an eye on the traffic as they turn into a different street. &quot;She's probably right, but it doesn't really matter. It's good publicity either way. I picked up several thousand followers just by being in the lottery. Watch out for the pavement up here. It's a rough spot.&quot;<br />
<br />

When I compile using Basic MultiMarkdown, I don’t get any markup. Other options put everything in one paragraph. I’ve been searching the manual, but I can’t find out what I’m doing wrong.

Need a pointer to the right place in the manual.


  1. Select the text in the editor

  2. Edit

  3. Copy Special

  4. Copy at HTML … three options available—do any of them work as you need?

Assuming you are working in a dedicated project for this, I feel like you should not be typing this mark-up yourself, but letting compile do the work. Type your quote marks and returns normally and let compile convert them. This keeps your source text in a more flexible format (not html specific).

Setting aside for the moment your desire to use multimarkdown on compile, here is an implementation that produces what you want in a plain text file – using ordinary typed text as source (and using the Default compile format). The encoding you are looking for is so simple it can easily be set up in the Replacements pane of the Compile dialog.

(I only included a replacement for straight quotes. If your text has left- and right- quotes then you will need replacement rules for them too.)

I am guessing this same approach would work when compiling to multimarkdown.


Thank You!

Yes, the 'Copy as HTML (Basic, using <p> and <span>) works perfectly!

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I don’t really need MultiMarkdown, it’s that it looked like the path to go. The Copy As method suggested by @SWM works quickly and easily. Thank you for working on this for me, I appreciate your time and effort.

That’s great to hear. :grinning:

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