How to export to BBCode using Styles? Can not put subscript, superscript, or strikethrough into Styles

I am not familiar with Pandoc, and don’t know how to format it. I want to be able to output to a .rtf or text file with BBCode, I first tried to do this with the styles menu, but I ran into a small list of problems.

1.) Styles would not let me add superscript, subscript, or strikethrough formatting to catch.

2.)It seemed that I would need to not only use a style for every item, but I would have to create a style that catches every combination, IE I need separate styles for [b],[u],[i], but also for [b][u], [b][i], [u][i] and [b][u][i]

3.)The copy as BBCode truncates lists without the blank lines I added between the individual list items, and it gives the whole block I’ve copied twice the line spaces I gave it, which means to use it I have to delete a bunch of lines and add a bunch of lines.

I do story posting on two separate forum boards that have slightly different BBcode, so I wanted to create custom templates for each. Should I just try and learn pandomatic and pandocs, or is there a better way? Is there a GUI for pandocs that would make the custom conversion easier?

Choose to save character attributes or all formatting in the Styles panel when adding a style … but you may find Pandoc is plain text and ignores character formatting.