How to export to preserve endnotes in Pages?

I’m writing a book with over 900 citations. Obviously, preserving the endnotes upon export is crucial. I’m planning to do further styling in Apple Pages after I export from Scrivener. I exported to RTF and then imported to Pages. The endnotes do appear in the text and at the end of the document. However, my book editor had to make some changes that altered the order of the endnotes. But when I tried to re-order them and insert new endnotes, it doesn’t work well. This is because Pages does not actually recognize the endnotes exported from Scrivener as endnotes, so none of the tools in the Footnotes/Endnotes section of the Document Inspector in Pages work.

I’m trying to figure out an alternative. Would exporting to .docx and then opening in Pages work any differently? Any other options?


Pages doesn’t read RTF very well, which will be the source of the problem. Instead, export to .doc or .docx, which Pages does read well, including the footnote or endnote formatting. You will need Java installed for Scrivener to be able to export fully-compatible .doc and .docx files, but Scrivener will prompted you to install it if it’s not already installed.

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Thanks. I exported to .docx and imported to Pages. Worked like a charm!