how to export to v2/v1 version

I can’t find a option for export the project to a old version. where is it?

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It only exists on the Mac version as Mac v.3 with it’s underlying format changes was released before the Windows 3 Beta became stable enough; it is there so that people working across bith platforms or collaborating with users of the other platform could continue t work. I have no idea if it is intended to introduce it into Windows v. 3, but don’t ho;d your breath.

On the other hand, you can have both v. 1.9 and v. 3 Beta on your machine and can drag and drop files from 3 to 1.9, I believe.

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Compile to RTF format? Compile to HTML? Scriv 1 will import both of those, won’t it?

I seem to remember a discussion from a couple of years back that the intention was to have the “export to v2” code added into the actual release near the end of the beta process, but I am not finding that discussion at the moment.

not quite, because I am making a scripwriting. the formatting is lost. but anyway, I can copy and paste.
I think that I’ll stay at scrivener 1.9.