How to fast “refresh” the scrivenings view?

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Using the search, I found this topic. I currently have Scrivener for Windows installed. However, it seems that nothing has changed since then. Is there a quick command to update the editor in “Scrivenings view” mode?

It doesn’t appear that anything has changed. I hadn’t tried this in a while, but when I tested it now it seems it still requires a manual refresh. One way to do this is to click on the Scrivenings button to turn off scrivenings, then click again to turn it back on. But this resets the cursor back to the top of the draft folder, which isn’t ideal. Bummer … I’d like this to work. It would probably be possible to write an Authohotkey script to do it, but it would be rather involved—selecting sufficient text to be a unique selection, copying that, turning Scrivenings off and on, then searching for that text string is what occurs to me. I might try it sometime if it becomes urgent enough. I use Autohotkey extensively in Scrivener to enhance ease of use and efficiency.

Scrivener is a great program. However, these minor issues are quite frustrating. They could have at least added a Windows refresh function to the “F5” button…

They could also make it so that when one editor is locked, all documents open in another one… These are basic features that should be implemented!