How to find filepath

Hi. I use an iPad mini 2 (12.5.4) and and iPhone 7. No desktop, no laptop. I have attached below a screenshot from my iPad mini.

The LHS shows a list of files.

The RHS shows “Born On Died On’ at the top. This is the one that I want to know where it resides, but I dont know how to find it without going through each section individually.

I have tried tapping on ‘People’ on the LHS, but that doesn’t help (screen shot below)

I have tried sliding the file which is listed on the LHS but can’t see any ‘options’ or ‘reveal in binder’. Screenshot below:

Below is a screenshot of what I see with the Binder in view:

Nothing happens if I tap at the top of the Binder.

I would appreciate your help in solving this mystery, please. Many thanks.

Your last screenshot shows the Binder on the left, and the document you’re looking at is “revealed.” It’s in the top level, a sibling of “Timeline” and “To Do List,” and also of the “BOOK STRUCTURE” and other folders.

You might also try tapping on the title of the document on the right hand side.

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Hi Kewms
Thank you for your reply. I am afraid I still don’t get it.

I think that by chance the LHS shows Born On Died On, more by accident than design.

What I want to do, is when I bring up a file on the RHS, is there something I can tap which will show the filepath and the trail, eg, filepath>something>something>something ? Thanks.

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As JimRac said, splitting a topic is unhelpful.

To see the position of a file within the project, as I said, tap the title of the file in the right-hand pane.

It’s not possible to see the absolute location of the file on the iOS “disk,” for two reasons. One is that there is no supported method for directly editing the contents of a Scrivener project with any tool other than Scrivener. The other is that iOS does not have a true “file system” in the way that Mac and Windows do. File access is mediated through whatever application “owns” the file.

What are you actually trying to do?