How to find path scapple was saved to?


How can I find the path the scapple I’m looking at was saved to? (without going to “save as” - it’s not the most ideal way - and it doesn’t give you a path you can copy/paste, only one you can memorise so then you have to manually go to).

Maybe this already exists and just couldn’t find it after trying for a while.

If not, I would imagine it would be quite easy to add to Preferences or Inspector? <- preemptive feature request :slight_smile:


There is a standard way to check the position of any open document on a Mac (though it may not work in all programs, particularly those that are databases), and that is to Cmd-click or right-click on the title area where the name of the file is printed, you will be presented with a menu that shows the ascending hierarchy of the file all the way up to the disk that it is located on. You can click on any of those to open that folder in Finder as well.