How to find position in Binder?

Let’s say I select Manuscript in Binder. In the main Scrivener window I now have all the text of my document, all 60,000 words in my example.

Let’s say I now scroll thru the text, doing a bit of proof-reading and checking the logical flow of the story. Is there any way to highlight a word or sentence in the manuscript, then determine where it appears in Binder (in which folder and in what text document)?


Absolutely, there is. So long as the editor is ‘active’ (i.e. if you type a letter, it will appear in the document in question, instead of the document notes, search field, etc…), then you can “reveal in binder”.

Reveal in binder can be accessed by clicking the icon in the editor’s title bar. It can also be accessed in the View menu, where you can also see the keyboard short-cut, which is very convenient if you want to avoid using the mouse/trackpad.

Thank you. I now see the option in View > Reveal in Binder, but I do not see the icon in the editing toolbar. If you have a chance, can you post an image of the icon?

I’m not at my Mac at the moment, but do you see the title of the document at the top of the editor? The icon for that document should be just to the left of the title. It’s very small, but should look like the default icon displayed in the Binder for that document.

If you don’t see the title, try View->Layout->Header View (or similarly named menu, I’m looking at the Windows version right now)

Yes, it’s there on MY Mac and there’s a menu drop-down if I click it.

Yes, I see it now. I didn’t realise it was a click-able icon. Thanks!