How to find your life's purpose

To find your life’s purpose, find something you know needs be done but isn’t being done by anybody else.

Great…my life’s purpose is to do my laundry??

It works on large scale and small scale. So, yes, on small scale, do the laundry :slight_smile:. Doing your laundry will give your life more purpose than feeling gloomy wondering what to do with your life. But do not forget to ask yourself the question on large scale as well :wink:.

Oh no, not another thread about “Getting Things Done” … :wink:

dythink Ill ever be smart enough to contribute to one of Bob`s threads?
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Why think that your life has or needs a purpose?

Or, if you believe Agent Smith…the purpose of life is to end. Bwahahaha!

Or, you could head towards Teilhard de Chardin territory and suggest that the purpose of life is to create more (and more complex) life.

The purpose of other people’s live’s is to annoy me.


As a Steve Martin fan, I can’t help but think of his famous line in The Jerk:

“I have found my special purpose!”

I don’t think you ‘find’ your life’s purpose. I think you get out of the way and it finds you.

A couple articles from Inc Magazine’s web site:

My Life as a Knowledge Worker:
The leading management thinker describes seven personal experiences that taught him how to grow, change, and age.

Peter’s Principles:
Book editor Rubin talks with Peter Drucker about how he built a long-standing brand around his own knowledge and how to prepare for a career as a solo act.


that was great!

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To find your life’s purpose,

To find something I normally start with the back of the settee then go through the pockets of my clothes in the laundry basket. After that I ask the wife where has she put it so she can look for it.

Hope that helps.

It’s a bit Zen like but as I haven’t lost my life’s purpose I can’t go out and find it.


I see.

Now I kind of wish that I didn’t. Actually, blindness might be a wished for state to prevent the seeing of such things.