How to fix corrupted files that are acting wonky and scaring you into fears of data/text loss

I have a book in Scrivener - card summaries for 121 scenes and research files, etc.

But my novel file has these unexplainable hangups where the cursor would disappear and the document would grey out ad then it comes back.
I’m believing this means the file’s corrupted somehow, due to perhaps power outages (happens a lot here in the summer especially…)
Any way to repair, other than start a blank novel doc from scratch and copy and paste each scene and card synopsis (and research files…?)

-Thanking you in worry,

Buy a battery backup for your computer. See if that fixes the problem.

Having the file “gray out and come back” could indicate that the monitor is dimming due to a brown out. It probably does not indicate damage to the project: if the project were corrupted, the data wouldn’t come back.


There’s no “brownouts” for the screen. The APPLICATION greys out and comes back. It says “(Not responding)” when that happens, as well.
Does that help?
And I have a UPS now.

That is very odd behavior. Have you opened a technical support ticket?

If not, go here: