How to fix font kerning for Compiled PDF?

Scrivener; Windows 10.

Calibri font in Editor with Font “determined by section layout” (Compile Overview) and a base style “Simple Indent” (not “No Style”; rookie mistake) , define thusly.


AFAICT no overrides on the font for Compile (the relevant layout has “override for text and note formatting” unchecked).

400% view of PDF: it looks as though the PDF output is using ligatures but not adjusting other spacing, which makes letter pairs look weird, which makes some words leap unpleasantly off the page.


200% view in Scrivener: letters are evenly spaced


Question: [what’s going on, and] How to fix the font kerning so that either kerning is adjusted better, or, alternatively, ligatures are not employed?

I rarely compile to PDF, so have nothing useful to say about this issue. :open_mouth:

But, it might be interesting to know whether you still see this if you first compile to some other format, say Word, then convert that to PDF.

Ligatures would be a characteristic of the font.

I second @JimRac’s advice to try another format.

As a general rule, if you need this level of precise typesetting control, probably you will want to generate the PDF outside of Scrivener.