How to force a font on export?

I write comics and I like to use underlines for words that will be bold in the finished book. I also like to bold and underline pages (PAGE 1) so it’s easy for the artist to just skim the document and see where the page breaks are.

At the moment, I write everything in Scrivener using the Screenplay format, export the script, open it in Word, select everything, and make it all Courier since Scrivener changes anything with an underline or a bold to a different font.

I’d really like to cut Word out of this step (and off my Mac), but I can’t seem to figure out how to set up font exports within Scrivener.

Thanks in advance,

– Brian

I may be misunderstanding exactly what it is you want but I do know that you can go to EXPORT DRAFT. Then click the FORMATTING tab.

You can then pick a Font for the text, A seperate Font or Style for Titles, Another For Text Container Titles and yet another for Folder Titles.

Or you can UNCHECK OVERRIDE TEXT FORMATTING to Export the DOcument in the Format you have already…

In the latest beta, you can set up your own script style formats, such as bolding and underlining page break markers, if you so please. I don’t think the exporter will turn bold into underline, but it will do so with italics. You might try using italics in your Scrivener draft, then they can be exported as “bold” or underline in your final copy. The option for doing this is in the Export pane, second tab, in the manuscript formatting section.

Indeed, you should use the Export override features anyway, because if you actually underline a word for emphasis in a Scrivener script, it loses its script format attribute (e.g. underlining a word in a Dialogue sentence will immediately change the sentence to General Text).

This isn’t a problem in screenplays, of course, where underlining is only done at a block level, but in comics - where it’s the preferred form of emphasis, for reasons I went into a while ago - it’s a pain in the arse. Thank god/Keith for auto-substitution of underlines for italics…

Ahhhh that did the trick. I somehow missed that option when I was first sorting through the thing. Thanks much.