How to force a new page in PDF

I am trying to compile to PDF. My MS has a glossary section that has text & images:

Glossary entry 1 title
Some text for glossary entry 1

Glossary entry 2 title
Some text for glossary entry 2

Glossary entry 3 title
Some text for glossary entry 3

Sometimes, depending on the size of the image or volume of text, the page breaks at the wrong point, and I end up with something like this:

Glossary entry x title
Some text for glossary entry x

Glossary entry y title <-- this ends up at the bottom of a page and looks orphaned
– page break –
Some text for glossary entry y

Glossary entry z title
Some text for glossary entry z

What’s the best way to fix this? In MS Word, I would simply add a page break where I thought it needed it. What’s the equivalent in Scrivener for OS X?

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This question is answered in your other thread, but I would also add that it looks like you’ve already found the easiest way to perform final design stage of a project. :wink: Once you’re figuring out which sheet of paper an image works better on, I’d say you are quite a bit outside of Scrivener’s scope as a writing tool—certainly how it was designed to be used at any rate. I mean to say, it’s just way more efficient to find an awkward image layout problem and fix it in an environment that shows you exactly where the image will be, or even just to do little things like insert an empty page at the end, as in the other thread.

I was kind of hoping there was a feature in Scrivener that would allow you to ‘bind’ some objects together to prevent them from spanning multiple pages. MS Word has a feature like this.

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Sure, the Format/Text/Keep with Next menu command is useful for that. Use it on each line that should not be separated from the next.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be working for me - at least it doesn’t seem to be enforcing it when there are images involved.

That’s too bad, I checked and it appears that is how it works in Word and LibreOffice as well, so this code must just not work for images.

I did find a way to make a picture and two lines stick together, but it might not be adequate. It involves using a line break (Opt-Cmd-Return) after the image, so that the line following it is technically a part of its paragraph. Then that line has a Keep With Next on it, binding it to the second line. The limitation is that formatting control can be constrained when working in multi-line paragraphs.

I found a solution to my problem. I initially had everything in the glossary in a single text document but I’ve now split each glossary entry out into its own text document. I’m now able tick the ‘Pg Break Before’ check-box for each entry on the Contents tab in the Compile window. By adding page breaks in the right places, I’ve been able to format the whole glossary chapter to avoid the odd-looking breaks.

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