How to format document titles when Compile is "As Is"?

My Documents have a style I need to preserve, so when I compile my draft, I check “As Is” in the Contents list to preserve the formatting. However I have many documents and would like to be able to clearly see where one ends and another begins when I print them out. I would like the TITLES of each Document to have some lines padding before them, along with bold + underline.

I’ve tried various options/settings, but as a compile newbie, would appreciate some help.

Thank you!

Well the first question I would have is whether you have any need for the format override at all? It sounds like you just want Scrivener to print your work the way you formatted it while writing, and to add titles where you want them, correct? If so, why not just turn off override text and notes formatting at the top of the Formatting compile option pane. The Compile As-Is flag isn’t meant to be a universal toggle. It’s just for cases where you do want format override in general, but not for on specific thing, like perhaps a dedication page that looks nothing like a prose paragraph.