How to format Front Matter for Compiling?

I don’t understand the presets in the area for choosing the format of the Front Matter for purposes of Compiling. Some of the preset formats have a page break, but it’s always BEFORE the Front Matter (at the top of template). I want a page break AFTER the Front Matter (as my “Front Matter” consists of a single title page for the manuscript). How do I implement that?

Define the page break as being before the thing that comes after the front matter.

Incidentally, there’s no requirement that you use the front matter feature. If all you have is a single page, it’s just as easy to put it in the appropriate location in the Binder.


OK, I used a format for all the chapters that has Page Break before, and that solved the issue of following the title page with a page break. Thank.

And I did make the title page a separate document in the binder. But I set it up as a single page in the binder because the header and footer formatting for the title page is different from the rest of the manuscript. So I thought I had to differentiate this single page, so that I could remove the page number from the bottom. (Which I still can’t figure out how to do.)

You do need to differentiate the single page, you just don’t need to use the Front Matter capabilities to do it. The Front Matter feature is relatively complex because it’s designed for people who are creating a full set (or several full sets) of front matter for publication: Title, copyright page, table of contents, etc.

See Section 24.20.5 in the Scrivener 3 manual for more information about configuring the headers and footers.


I can’t get a handle on the Section Layouts at all. Every time I make a change to one (like adding page numbers), it makes that change to all of them, even when I have “Use Project page settings” turned off.

I’ll have to read the manual again. It’s been four months and I’ve forgotten everything. It’s very complicated (in my opinion), which is probably good for power usage, but I know it will require several hours to get back up to speed.

Thanks for the help.

I really don’t understand this. My front page (my title page) has completely different formatting from the manuscript. The choices for Section Type in the Compile opening panel on the right hand side (the drop down menu) are Structure Based, Part Heading, Chapter Heading, Scene, Chapter, Heading, Section, Front Matter, Table of Contents, N/A.

Are you suggesting that I choose a different Section Type from Chapter (that is not the Front Matter section type)?

I know you are the expert, and I respect that I don’t understand (yet) that Front Matter is a power feature that I don’t need, but I was able to set it up perfectly except for the page number, which I couldn’t get rid of, because setting that code in any Section Layout under Page Format seems to propagate it to all Page Layouts and I haven’t figured out how to stop that yet.

I read the manual. I do want Front Matter for my title page. (It might have more pages after it.)

The Page Settings area has an item “Different Header and Footer for back matter” but no similar setting for Front Matter. How do I turn OFF the header set up in the Page Settings area for Front Matter? The Page Settings area does not seem to be tied to a specific Section Layout. There IS a panel with a list of all the Section Layouts that allows control over Title, Metadata, Synopsis, Notes, Text, and has a panel at the bottom for Formatting, Title Options, New Pages, Prefix, Suffix, Settings. But the header and footer and page number controls are not anywhere in those areas. When you switch to Page Settings in the left hand sidebar, you are suddenly in a zone where changes made to Page Settings affect ALL the Section Layouts. I need to turn OFF my header for my Title Page, which is current using the Front Matter layout (renamed and customized).

Under Page Settings, there is an item “Main body header and footer starts…” and it is set to After Front Matter. It is greyed out and can’t be changed. But it’s set at what I need it to be set at! And yet it doesn’t work. It’s making the header and footer show up in the front matter.

I finally got rid of the header on the title page by choosing “No header or footer on Single Pages.” This is not a practical solution, however. I have other front matter—maps, character lists, etc.—and I want to be able to customize the page settings for each Section Layout. For instance, on my title page the first text starts too far down on the page.

As far as I can tell, the Page Settings locks in said settings for all Section Layouts , and you must use exceptions for workarounds in order to customize page settings for a particular Section Layout.

Click the Header and Footer Text tab in the Page Settings pane. That will let you define what the First Pages header should be.

Yes, the Page Settings are completely independent of the Section Layouts. Among other things, it’s possible to have more than one Section Layout on a given page.

Again, see Section 24.20.5 for more information about the relevant options, Section 24.20.6 for information about editing the header and footer contents.

If you’re still lost, post a screenshot, please. Different Compile Formats have different options, so it’s hard to visualize your screen without more information.


OK, thank you, Katherine. For now I’m going to mock it up in a PDF editor, since I really want lower case Roman numerals for the page numbers in the Front Matter.

It seems the header placeholder is not working as I expected. My binder is set up as shown in the screen capture. I have the header and footer set differently. I want the Notes from an Analyst to be on the left-hand side of the header, and the Introduction to be on the right-hand side. However, it sets the footer to one level below, so that the Introduction shows on the left and the next level down (The Problem) shows on the right. How do I tell the placeholder to use the next higher levels? I’ve tried inserting higher level folders but nothing changes.