How to Generate/Compile Mobi or ePub in 2020?


I am a Windows Scrivener user who is trying to figure out how I can get a mobile preview of my Scrivener project on an iPhone. I cannot find anything or any advice on how to do this in 2020. I have used KindleGen in the past and done the necessary steps to get it onto an iPhone and view it multiple times before, but that was a couple years ago. Now, I am getting an error with Meta-Data after attempting to compile. Even while clearing all of the meta-data out, it appears to be unable to generate a proper Mobi file for me to use.

So, I am wondering what others who use Windows for Scrivener do to create previews of their work on mobile phones/iPhones? Do I need to use a new executable file? I’ve tried putting some research into it, but either can’t find anything current or topics that concern Mac versions and not Windows.

Please let me know any help you can provide concerning this! I’m an sure other would be seeking the same if they are struggling. Hopefully my question is clear; please feel free to ask me any info that I may not have provided in order to help.