How To Get An Outline in Scrivener into Scapple - And Back.

Can anyone please tell me how to get an outline in Scrivener into Scapple? And conversely, how to get a Scapple outline into Scrivener?

I have created an outline of sorts with all my section titles from my Scrivener document. Some are single tabbed to show they are a subset of what is above them.

When I select all and then paste into Scapple, I get all my text in a single Scapple block. Now I have to go, item by item and create a new Scapple box for each item. Very tedious and time-consuming and of absolutely no use if I am going to try to keep this up as I make changes.

I don’t see any intelligent paste options in the Scrivener menu such as, paste as individual items or anything like this.

I tried exporting the Scrivener document as an opml file. I don’t actually have anything that will open an opml file as Circus Ponies Notebook is long since defunct. And, as far as I can tell, Scapple has no import feature so I can’t tell Scapple to open the opml file either.

Finally, I tried dragging the opml file onto Scapple. All I got was an embedded link to the opml file. I also tried doing this using modifier keys, with no better results.

I had assumed that Scapple was created as an adjunct app that would enhance my Scrivener writing experience. Surely there is some easier way to link and sync Scrivener with Scapple?

Pray tell, how is this done?


I don’t think it CAN be done! I’m glad Scapple only cost $15 because I’m having trouble finding a place for it in my workflow. The free (open source) version of xMind and the Open Source product FreePlane are much more useful to me.

The problem with Scapple is that it is neither fish nor fowl. It appears to have been written to help one specific person with a specific task, and it was so cool somebody said, “Let’s SELL this bad boy!” I think the L&L people need to sit down and think about what they want Scapple to be, then work towards getting there.

Sigh, too bad. It does look pretty bare boned. Fortunately I still have a Curio license and Curio will do all that I have asked, and more. I was hoping that, as Scapple is a Scrivener designer off shoot that it might have been intended to work with Scrivener. Surprise!


Oh well, too bad, so sad, moving along then.


Curio looks interesting, but it’s only for the Mac. Too bad, I’m a PC guy.

Scapple is free form , like a blackboard, and it has no import apart from drag and drop of text. It’s not an adjunct app in the way that it works together with Scrivener,
Scrivener is better at outlining than Scapple is, because an outline requires som structure and Scapple has no structure.

I understand, but I am sorry to hear it. I have a 4 x 8 ft white board up on my wall. I paid less than my license for Scapple for it and I can write on it with dry erase markers to my hearts content. As Scrivener is all about the process of writing, and as mind mapping software is so prevalent these days, one would have hoped that Scapple would have been designed to help outline and visualize Scrivener writing projects.

You could still do that free form of course, just as I can do on my white board. However, it isn’t really what I was expecting. I am glad to support the efforts of a company making Scrivener anyway, just saying .

Actually, it’s pretty easy to go from Scapple to Scrivener—there’s a couple of different ways to get that done. But the other direction—no. My preferred tools for this sort of thing are a white board and iThoughts. And I know of nothing that does a round trip the way I’d like it done.

Curio is doing pretty well for me. I’m not selling it or pushing it, just saying. Curio does a great deal more that I haven’t taken time to learn - and probably won’t. But, I can paste my Scrivener text into Curio as a list, mind map, table, or plain text. That makes it pretty easy to put what I am working on in Scrivener into a Curio list, adjust the list (outline), convert it to a mind map, convert the mind map back to a list, adjust how Scrivener’s sections are now that I can see how I want to adjust them, readjust my outline in Curio, make it a mind map again, etc.

I can convert any list to a mind map, and any mind map to a list. It is what I was hoping for with Scapple but I am glad I found this in Curio. Its making me smile after all the hard work to see my efforts laid out visually as I continue to hone my flow of ideas to a fine point.

I even took a screen shot of my mind map in Curio and dropped it into my Scrivener project so that I can include it in my iPad review time of my project. Yes indeed, color me, well pleased.

Thanks! I’ll take a look.