How to Get Around Minimum Window Size?

I’m loving this app, and I am bringing up these issues only in the hopes that they can be addressed in future updates.

Today I found that Scapple won’t let me make the window narrower than a certain amount, even if there’s plenty of blank space in the mind map.

For example, here:

I’d like more horizontal space for Scriv and less for Scap. But I can’t reduce the window width even though I could do so and still see the entire mind map.

Is there a way to make the window smaller? If not, could you put that on the wish list?


I figured this out: It’s a bug.

Here’s what’s happening: Even when the inspector is hidden, Scapple leaves space for it when resizing the window. That is, you can’t make it narrower than the items on the mindmap PLUS the non-existent Inspector.

Here’s a workaround:

  1. Show the inspector
  2. Resize the window to its mimimum
  3. Hide the inspector

At that point, the window will be narrower than allowed if you just resize without the Inspector showing. Note that if you try to resize the window after step three, it will pop out to a larger size.

Let me know if that’s not clear. I hope you can fix this. I recommend not restricting minimum sizes at all.

Hmm, it looks like the bug is that it lets you do that in the first place. I note in your screenshot you have the footer bar turned off, but if you had that turned on you’d see that this technique corrupts the UI until you restart.

That is rarely feasible for this very reason, the UI layout engine is not designed to collapse down past the point where all elements can be shown at their necessary size, which includes their padding. If the window is reduced past that point then the metrics never recover and you end up with overlapping widgets and such. That is why minimums exist—especially in this toolkit, I know not all suffer these problems—but it is somewhat aside from whether the elements Scapple needs to display in the window can be compacted any further.

Got it.

Bottom line, here’s an example of what I would like to do, but can’t. I’d like to have this window be as narrow as possible and sitting on the left side of my screen. This is the best I can do without my kludgy workaround. It’s the way I’m forced to have it:

This is a mockup of what I’d like to have (leaving maximum space for my Scrivener window):

And here’s a mockup of another window that could be convenient, but isn’t possible:

I can understand your wanting to force the whole of the inspector to be visible, but perhaps when it comes to the mind map, you could let us make the image smaller than the map.

Thanks for listening and responding!


I’ve attached the Scapple file related to the above images.
Scene Tree Branch Falls.scap (11 KB)

Al, are you going to be working on the Scapple file while you’re in Scrivener?

Because if it’s just for reference, then there’s a workaround which may help a little.

Take a screenshot of the entire Scapple project to the zoom level you want (cmd-shift-4), then import the screenshot into Scrivener. You can then use it in a split editor (or as Quick Reference or Copyholder). The benefits this gives are:

a) you can get a much narrower split editor than you can reduce the width of a Scapple window

b) the image in Scrivener is scrollable and zoomable so it’s all accessible.

If you did need to edit the scapple you’ll have to repeat the process of course, but it only takes a few seconds.

(NB you can’t just import the Scapple file itself as that doesn’t allow scrolling.)

While the screenshot is on a 27" screen (laptop out of action)… perhaps it will work for you on a smaller screen as a workaround. I’ve overlaid the minimum width Quick Reference Window (also scrollable) and the minimum native Scapple window as a comparison.

Thanks, Brookter.

I’ve done that in the past, but soon found that it was a lot of extra steps for not much benefit. That is, instead of going through those steps, it’s much quicker and simpler to just have the Scriv and Scapple apps running side by side.

That’s what Keyboard Maestro is for…:wink:

Seriously it was just a thought for a workaround. Perhaps it may be useful for someone else.