How to get color-coding in the Binder view?

In this screenshot, I see color-coding in the Binder view on the left:

But I can’t seem to find how to do it? It’s not in the option and it’s not available as right-click options either. What did I overlook?

The option you’re looking for can be found by going to View -> Use Label Color In then selecting the binder. You can also toggle the color for other locations like the Corkboard and Outliner.

Thanks! I guess that’s a fitting place to have it, but then so would Options be a good place for such a thing, or some kind of right-click menu for Binder itself.

Settings in Options apply globally to all projects, whereas items in the View menu like where the label is displayed are project specific, allowing you to use the full label stripe in the binder on some projects but not have it distracting you in another project where it would be less appropriate, etc. If you find there are certain project-specific options you always like to have set, you could create your own template by making a new project, setting all these features, and then using File > Save As Template to make your own starter for projects.