How to get color outline?

I want to use colors in my outline like here:

How can I do that?

View>Outliner>Tint Rows with Label Color

You can set the labels for documents using the inspector or by right clicking on the document in outliner or the binder (or the corkboard), and you can change the labels and associated colors by choosing the “Edit…” in the Label menu there.

Some other fun color-coding to check out: View>Tint Icons with Label Color will affect the Binder display and View>Index Cards>Tint Cards with Label Color will, obviously, tint the synopsis notecards with the color, which displays not only in corkboard but in the inspector. You can also use the pushpin icon on the notecards in the corkboard to display the label color using “Show Pins” in that submenu.

thanks, worked great.