How to get deleted documents from the trash folder back to its original location?


I got stuck in this problem recently that I had no clue where the deleted files original location was. I am aware that I could drag and drop the deleted files out of the trash folder to any location I want to, but I would like to return the deleted files to their own original location. How can I suppose to do that ?

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If you just deleted the item from the Binder, a simple Undo will fetch it back to its location. If you have been doing miscellaneous things since you trashed the item, then Undo will not work, of course.

Hi gr,
I did Undo (⌘Z) but it does not work.

Far as I can tell, not possible, as Scrivener doesn’t appear to remember the source location. I of course might be missing something, but I did look. Thinking through how it might be possible to remember all the prior locations for trashed items, I can see immediately the difficulties. The document could be completely different by the time one wants to get it back into place and then there would be no place to go. Plus other complexities that I think are best ignored and should consider trashed documents as trashed until gone by deleting them.

No, Scrivener does not remember the source locations for deleted files. (Or the movement history for other files, for that matter.)

One way to find the answer would be to look at a backup of the project from before the deletion. You can find Scrivener’s automatic backups by going to Scrivener → Preferences → Backups, and opening the backup folder in Finder. To avoid confusion, I would recommend renaming the backup copy in Finder before you open it.

I see, thank you rms and kewms for your suggestions.