How to get icons in the binder like this: ?

I was reading a blog about how someone liked using Scrivener here:

How can you get icons for the binder like this?

I’m a Gmail user and I find myself marking emails with different colour stars etc. I would find this useful in Scrivener, or using different icons. Is this a Mac only option, or is it available on the Windows version?

Thanks in advance.

It’s Mac only at the moment. It will be added to the Windows feature set at some point, though.

You can however already use coloured labels for items and display those in the binder, either colouring the icon (View > Use Label Color In > Icon) or as a coloured bubble around the complete document name and icon ( … > Binder). To assign a label to multiple items, select them in the binder then use the right-click context menu to apply the label. You can create new labels or change their colours by choosing “Edit…” from the Label menu there.

Catch up Windows version… Catch up.

Thanks for the information.

Personally, I don’t use the custom icons, not even on Mac only projects.
It’s just one more thing I need to change about a file in the binder if I want to move it somewhere else.
I do, however, use the label colours as the delightful MM suggests. Very flexible, and incredibly helpful.
The label colours, that is.