How to get images back out?

I love using Scapple as a place to drag and arrange image references and branch off notes and other information, but I was wondering – once an image is dragged into Scapple, is it possible to get the original images back out? Usually I just drag straight from the internet into Scapple, and don’t keep a copy of the image file itself, but then later I would like to be able to pull the image out to use it for various purposes.

Is this possible? I know with Scrivener you can “Show Package Contents” and get back to the original files. Does Scapple operate the same way?

You can!

On the Windows version you go to: Command > Prepare Orders for Transmission > Images…
That will copy all the images from your Scapple Map to the folder of your choosing.

If you’re boring enough to not be using the Sci Fi translation, that would be: File > Export > Images…

The Mac approach is the same as the Windows one, I believe.