How to get my update


So the full story:

I have Scrivener on my home computer and my laptop. One day, I went to open Scrivener on my laptop and it said there was an update. So I did it. Then when I got home I decided to open Scrivener on my home computer to get that one updated too…but no prompt came up. So now I have 2 different versions of Scrivener on two machines.

The major issue is:

When I open a file on the laptop, it asks me to update the file to the newer format (put in place by the update.) So I do and it creates a backup of the old file type. I don’t mind, but if this happens 5 times in a week, it creates 5 different backups and I have to go in and delete them when they become overwhelming.

The second one happens 1/3rd the time: the file refuses to exist and no matter what I do, I can’t get it to open on the home computer (the outdated Scrivener). So then I have to get on my laptop and email myself a copy of all of my writing, create a new file on the home computer and paste it all in. This takes (20 mins or more) and by time I am done, I am so pissed off that I can’t write (which is all I wanted to do.)

SO, can someone share a link to the most recent update? I am hoping this will help.


Short version:
Download the Windows version from the Scrivener for Windows page (click "Download for Windows) … taller.exe

Verbose version:

Within Scrivener, you can try Help > Check for Updates.

If that fails:

  • In Scrivener, in Tools > Options > Backup, make a note of your backup settings and the backup location.
    There may be other settings in Tools > Options you want to make a note of.
    Also, in File > Back Up > Back Up To, make a note of the Back Up To settings and location.
    Exit Scrivener.

  • Make sure you have/know your Scrivener registration code (should be in the email/etc. you received when you purchased).

  • Be sure you have exited Scrivener.

  • Download the Windows version from the Scrivener for Windows page (click "Download for Windows) … taller.exe
    Depending on what antivirus software you are running, it may prove necessary to disable it for the download.

  • Run the newly downloaded Scrivener for Windows installer.
    Depending on the antivirus software you are running, it may prove necessary to exempt the installer and then exempt Scrivener once it is installed.

  • Start Scrivener and supply the registration code.

  • You will likely need to re-supply/re-set the backup settings and locations.

  • You should be back in business.

  • If problems, uninstall existing Scrivener, then reattempt install using the newly downloaded installer.

Hope that is of assistance. Post back as to how it goes.

To simplify SpringfieldMH’s excellent verbose version, you can save your current settings by clicking the “Manage…” button in Tools > Options and choosing “Save Preferences.” If you install the current version without uninstalling your old one, all these preferences should remain anyway, but if you uninstall first to do a fresh installation, you can then restore your old settings by going back to Options and choosing “Load Preferences” from the “Manage” button menu.

You should only need to update a project once to the new file format. Doing so will create a backup in the original format, but once you’ve verified that the project updated correctly, you can delete or archive your backup. Projects in the new file format cannot be opened in older versions of Scrivener, but once you’ve got both machines running 1.9 you shouldn’t have any trouble moving projects between them.

Thanks! That worked and life just got easier!

Now, back to writing! 8)