how to get opml notes to import?

I have been trying for an hour to import a mindmap from freeplane 1.3.6 to Scrivener 1.61. I want the headings to appear as headings, and the notes to appear as text under those headings. I just can’t figure out how to do this.

I have tried (I think) every single option in in the mm/opml dialogue and no notes are imported anywhere.
Import notes into “Main Text (with synopsis)” seems to be the button I want, but it has no effect.
Import notes into Synopsis has no effect.
Import notes into “Notes (with Synopsis)” might work - but there are only “document notes” visible in Scrivener under the synopsis, and they are empty.
Import Notes into “Titles only” presumably does exactly what I don’t want.

I’m tearing my hair out here. Can anyone help?

I can get the whole of the leaf text imported as scrivener headings, but that’s no use at all. I don’t want a heading that’s a paragraph long.

Further investigation shows this was a problem with Freeplane. I had been converting my map so that the leaf nodes had their text copied into notes, using a script, since there were nots of them. Turned out that the obvious command to do this has been deprecated in the API and no longer works - the notes show up on screen, but are not saved. So Scrivener can’t import them from the saved file - duh!

Now I have found the bit of the Freeplane API that works, and it’s all pretty. Notes in the body of the Scrivener text . Old (now truncated) headlines in the top.

Glad you got it sorted. Doesn’t Freeplane use the .mm format though? We do have support for importing those types of files directly, which could let you avoid the OPML post-processing phase at least.