How to Get Rid of These Lines?

Note the the blank lines between the chapter title and the text:

I have a special situation in which I’d like no lines between those. I can’t seem to find a place that lets me get rid of them. Where should I look?


Is that occurring after compiling, or is it happening in the Scrivener editor? If the former, what program are you viewing the compiled document in?

It’s after compiling to a OpenOffice text document. I open it with OpenOffice.

Just tried the same thing, compiling to a text document, and I get the same result.

This is pretty likely to be in the Formatting section of the compile window, but there are a couple of places it might be. First, there’s the “Section Layout” window for the chapter folder* formatting; you get that window by clicking on the Section Layout button. In the Prefix section, there may be one or more paragraph/newline symbols after the “Chapter <$t>” or similar text.

Then there’s the “Page Padding” setting for your scene documents*. It’s a setting on the right side of the window, about half-way down. Make sure it’s set to 0 lines.

*This assumes you use chapter folder + scene documents organization in your binder… whatever your setup, the Formatting pane is probably where you want to look.[/size]

Page Padding applies the blank lines ahead of the title prefix, so that’s not going to be affecting this. Empty lines in the title prefix area, as Robert suggested, is the most likely. The other possibility is empty line separators, if your titles are coming from somewhere other than the following text, e.g. if the title comes from a folder and then the text comes from a document. In that case check under the Separators section and switch “empty line” dividers to “single return”.

Thanks. It was a combination of a paragraph mark in the prefix and an empty line separator.