How to get rid of Try/Buy Screen?

I purchased a regular license (upgrade from 1.x), then registered and activated the Nanowrimo version of Scrivener 2 (downloaded last week). Yet, I’m still getting the Try/Buy screen each time I open Scrivener. Clicking on the Scrivener>Registration menu shows copy to be registered. What gives? How can I get rid of the Try/Buy screen?



We released the NaNo preview version before we had finished the try/buy code - I should have taken the activation/register panel out of the NaNo version entirely, sorry about that. Just download the regular version from our main page - you’ll be able to activate that one.

Apologies for the inconvenience - thanks for buying!

All the best,

I’ve done that, and now I don’t have an option in Scrivener to create a NaNoWriMo novel, nor obfuscate the text as an export option.

Is there any way to recover those features? At least, the obfuscation (I can use the old project)



Sorry for the confusion, check out the updated NaNo page for a separate .zip package with these two utilities, and instructions on how to install them.