How to get Scrivener to take me to where I left off?

How do I get Scrivener to take me to that part of a document I was last working on? I’ve searched the manual and Googled for a way to do this but haven’t found anything.

Many thanks!

Scrivener (at least on windows version, don’t know about Mac) opens to whatever page you were on when you closed the program

ContentBloke, in using Scrivener for Windows I’ve never had it fail to reopen a project to the place I left off. I don’t think there’s even a setting to make it do otherwise. Can you give a little more detail about what it’s doing or not doing?

In Tools > Options, on the General tab, the first option is “Reopen projects that were open on quit”. I have it unselected, so that I have to open the project I want to work on (I have several) manually. But when I do so, it always opens to where I was last working.

(BTW, this is in Scrivener 1.9. The manual, in appendix B, still lists this option as “Open recent projects on program launch” (evidently its label in a previous version), explaining that it “Reopens recently opened projects whenever Scrivener is launched—thus saving you the effort of opening what you were last working on.” I leave the option unselected because I’m not necessarily going to be working on the same project as the previous session.)

I have seen it not scroll to where my cursor was sometimes. The trick to getting back where you are is to use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. Tapping the left and then the right arrow key will force Scrivener to scroll to where text would be entered if you typed.

It won’t scroll if you’ve left it in Scrivenings view (multiple documents loaded in the text view). View > Go To > Editor Selection (Alt+Shift+RightArrow) will drill down to the focussed document, so you could try using that before closing the project, so you come back to the correct document. (You can then use the Back arrow in the editor header or Go To > Enclosing Group to jump back to viewing the composite Scrivenings if needed.)

You could also leave yourself a temporary bookmark in the text that you can then jump to with a simple Find. I use inline annotations for this: Shift+Ctrl+A to toggle on the annotation formatting, type “bookmark” or “left off here” or whatever unique text you want (pick something and stick with it so it’s easy to remember), then when you reopen the project, Ctrl+F, type the bookmark phrase, Enter to jump to it, Esc to close the Find panel and you’re right where you left off.

I’ve used the “left off here” trick in other software. I don’t use Scrivenings (at least I haven’t yet; no doubt I will one day), which is why I’ve never seen that.