How to get started?

I’ve followed the download link but it’s not prompting me to enter my licence number, and I’ve watched the tutorials but I can’t get to the screen where I can create a new project. HEEEELLLLLPPPPP! Any advise hugely appreciated.

Hi :slight_smile:

Assuming you at least got the app to run in its demo version:

You should see a splash screen on startup, where you may enter your license info.

As for that panel where you see templates for new projects, it only shows up on its own if Scrivener isn’t set to load your last project on startup.
If Scrivener loads a project on startup, then use this menu command:

Hi Vincent, thank you for responding. I get no splash screen and I don’t get that panel you showed. All I get is the tutorials, and no option to enter a registration. (I would share a screen shot but as a new account, I’m not allowed to. It’s all so frustrating and I think I just want my money back now.

The tutorial as in the tutorial project?

Then just go to File / new project (Top bar menu)

That’s not a panel, it is just a snip of my screen, top menu. (File is the first item all the way to the left.)

I wish I could send a picture… All I get is down the left hand side:

  • Getting started
  • All
  • Blank
  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Scriptwriting
  • Misc
    Assume I click on FICTION, I get 3 visuals - Novel, Novel with Parts, Short Story.
    When I click on one of those, it takes me to a back up folder where I can save a file name and it opens a template, but I still haven’t put my license number in and I don’t trust that I’m not on a trial version? I’m worried about spending a month adding content then the trial shuts down and I lose everything?

Nah. Don’t worry about that.
Nothing is ever lost in this fashion.
The demo version is the full version with a 30 non-consecutive days limit. But it won’t delete anything.
Go to the Help menu, there should be an option there to register.

Anyways, are you sure you didn’t already put in your registration?? You SHOULD systematically get the prompt to register (with a counter of how many trial days you’ve got left) everytime you launch the software…

Were you upgrading from a previous version of Scrivener?

If you previously had any version of Scrivener 3, you won’t need a new license. If you purchased a new license that it turns out you don’t need, contact us to arrange a refund. (But double check to be sure that’s the situation, as we’ll void the new license when we issue the refund.)

You’re describing the New Project window, which is what you’ll get if you’ve never created anything before. You’ll find a screenshot of that in the user manual PDF (accessible from the “Getting Started” section), in Figure 5.1. That section that the screenshot is in will walk you through creating a project.

But… if that’s something you are not comfortable doing just yet, then I would highly recommend the tutorial—which is going to be helpful to go through anyway, at least a little bit. The tutorial is a project itself, but it’s “disposable” in that you can always generate a new one.

Where that’s important is that once you get a project open, any project, you can access the Help menu, and from there check your registration status. Refer to §3.1.4, Registering Scrivener, in the user manual, for details on how to do that. If you don’t see an “Enter Licence” entry in the help menu, and instead see a “Deactivate Scrivener” command, don’t use it, just know that you’re already activated. Who knows how, but that’s what it means.

And as others have noted, it’s impossible to “lose work” if the trial ends or whatever. So feel free to make your own project beyond the tutorial, whenever you’re ready. You can play around in that tutorial for as long as you want though. It’s a fully capable project.