How to get Table Of Contents from Styles in S3?

I have created Heading 1, Heading2 and Heading3.

Yet, the TOC is only picking up what’s in the outline not all my style headings.

How do I generate an outline from my headings and not just what’s in the outline?


A table of contents is usually made from all or selected binder/outline items (folders and/or files).

Scrivener User Manual ToC.pdf (103 KB)

Perhaps I misunderstood you, and I’ll check the manual link you included( thanks), but in Word, for example, the outline comes from the style headings in the document, hence my confusion.

I might have misunderstood. I know that styles can be used post-compile to generate a table of contents, for example in Word, but I don’t know if they can be used in Scrivener direct. I’ve only ever used binder items to generate a ToC. … 64#p258264 … 20#p257520

Hope someone else can help…

Scrivener does not work like Word.

The Table of Contents is based on the outline, as reflected in the Binder.

You can assign styles if you like, and they may be useful when exporting your work to other programs. But a fundamental goal of Scrivener is to separate the formatting and writing tasks.


Understood, but I want all the headings I placed in the document to be in the TOC.

It’s too bad I can’t apparently do that without explicitly crating sections in the outline itself.

I’m a little confused about what you are trying to do here. There seem to be two components:

  • The Word outline will be taken from style names. So as long as your style name is “Heading N”, as in “Heading 1”, “Heading 2” etc, then the Word outline should reflect this.

  • To create a ToC in Scrivener, you copy the documents you wish to appear in the ToC by going to Edit > Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC. I’m not sure if you are trying to create the ToC in Scrivener or Word, though.

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