How to get the name if a folder onto the verso header?

I have to layout a book with some 30+ chapters by different authors. Several chapters are under a certain topic which is the folder name they are in. In total there are 8 folders. I tried, but I can’t get the folder name into the header (verso pages), while the name of the documents (chapters) appear in the header of the recto pages.

Can anybody give me a hint how this can be accomplished?



Have you tried using the <$pageGroupTitle> placeholder, as documented in the Help ▸ List of All Placeholders… menu reference? That should print the name of the last thing that generated a page break—so if your folder generates a page break then the header would be set at that time to the name of the folder.

If you’re needing to update two different headers at once, or use information other than the name of the thing generating a page break, then that’s the sort of book production detailing better done in a tool more oriented toward desktop publishing.