How to get TOC in B&N when compiling to .docx?

Hi there,

I’m trying to format my book for B&N and i’ve decided on .docx (because i find it the easiest), but i can’t seem to get the TOC to show up. The B&N guidelines say to insert seperators between chapters, so i’ve checked the page break option int he inspector. I’ve also put each chapter in its own folder for good measure.

It doesn’t work as there is no TOC (i also tried not putting chapters into their own folder).

Does anyone have any advice? Or maybe point me to something in the manual that deals with this?


Which version are you running?

There are instructions in the manual for generating a TOC.

TOC for ePubs created from .docx is created within Scrivener? I didn’t know that. I thought the B&N conversion would do it as long as the .docx was formatted per their guidelines.

I will look at the TOC stuff in the manual. Thanks.

The TOC that Scrivener creates is static. I’ve been through the manual searching and reading each section on table of contents and it doesn’t mention a dynamic table. Unless i’m missing something /boggle. The formatting section of compile seems to just create something akin to a contents page.

Also, the manual (p. 252 - ePub and Kindle) says that it creates section breaks from page breaks for the purpose of creating the automatically generated table of contents, which aligns with the B&N guidelines as well.

I think i will contact B&N.