how to get uniform paragraph indention

I searched the forum and couldn’t find an answer, sorry if this is repetitive. I’m using version 2.3.1

I imported my work in progress in rich text format (imported from TextEdit). It did not include paragraph indentions. I wasn’t using them in TextEdit, so that makes since. I’m now deep into my novel and I’ve noticed that the new work I’ve written has been auto indented, but the work I imported has not. I’ve done a lot of revisions to the imported work, so I don’t want to import it again. I just want everything to look the same.

I don’t seem to be able to add the indent in the imported text. I’d prefer for the previously imported text to follow the same formatting as the newly typed material. How can I get the whole document, new and imported material, to follow the same formatting standard?

New documents take on the default formatting in the Preferences > Formatting section[1], but these defaults aren’t applied retrospectively to old or imported text.

Now, if new documents are being formatted the way you want them to be, then presumably the default settings in Preferences > Formatting are correct.

In that case, just highlight the ‘old format’ documents in the binder and select Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style…

You’ll be asked to say whether you want to preserve various options (e.g. font size, alignment etc). In your case, you probably want to leave them all unchecked.[2]

You should then have converted all your old documents to the ‘new’ default format.



[1] They can also be overridden for an individual project in the Project > Text Preferences dialogue box.

[2] BTW, Don’t worry unduly about the warnings in this dialogue box too much… it’s to warn you that for example, you’d lose any specific alignments you’d done on individual paragraphs – for example for block quotes. If you have and you want them to persist through the batch conversion, then highlight them and choose Format > Formatting > Preserve formatting before you begin.]