How to get web article into research

I do research, find an article, how do I get it into the Research folder?
I cut and paste the Url, but it doesn’t become a link.

Are you accessing your article directly on the web or via a library site (or similar) that requires you to sign in? I’d suggest the following troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you are in Research Folder (not Draft Folder) (you can’t add webpage to the Draft Folder)
  2. Right-click and chose “add webpage” - if you’ve already copied the URL then it should automatically show up
  3. You should get a little refresh circular arrow down the bottom. Try refreshing if its not showing.


  1. you could always add the webpage as ‘Document Reference’ under the Inspector if that helps.

Sarah1986, that won’t work on iOS. :slight_smile: It’s good for the Mac version, tho.

Timsmit, I’ve had success with using “Save to Dropbox” from the Safari share list. I save to any folder except the sync folder. Then when I get back to my Scrivener project, I tap the import button and import that file from Dropbox. It comes in as a nice PDF I can keep in the Research folder.

If all you want is a link inside a text file, open a text file inside the Research folder, tap in it to edit it, then tap on the link icon in the extended keyboard row. Now, paste your link into the Weblink field, delete the extra http:// if you need to, and tap done.

To use the link, long-press on it and select “Open link” from the menu that pops up.

I might have some good news for importing web pages for 1.0.1. :wink:

I do a lot of research on the web using an iPad. When I find a article I want to save I use safari’s “open in” and choose my convert to PDF app. When done from within that app I next open it in PDF Expert where I annotate it then save it to Dropbox in an appropriate folder, or just leave it in PDF Expert - in iscriv I can tap on the research/data files folder, tap the download icon at bottom of binder and choose PDF Expert (which is one of the choices) and then choose the file to import into scriv. Works very well.