How to get Word Frequency and Thesaurus

On Scrivener for WINDOWS, how do I see “word frequency” for my entire novel manuscript and for just the chapter? Also, is there a built in thesaurus to replace high frequency words? Thank You.

Select all the documents you want to check in the binder, then chose Project > Text Statistics for the word frequency. You can check for synonyms by right-clicking a word in the editor when there is no text selected. If WordNet has a definition, “Synonyms” will appear in the context menu and provide a list of alternatives.

Hi MM,

While trying to select the whole project name for getting the word frequency I see inactive Text Statistics section in Project Menu.

Have I got it right there is not an easy way to get the whole project word frequency by clicking on the project name, and to get the word frequency for the whole project I should: “Expand all”, then select all text chunks and then chose Project > Text Statistics for the word frequency?


Yes, you can’t select the container, or it will be considered the selection alone. (Other than the special Draft, Research, and Trash folders, all folders can contain their own text aside from subdocuments.) You’ll need to select the top document, then Shift-click the last one in the list and use that multiple selection to get your combined text statistics.

Thanks, MM, got it. Is there a way to export the word frequency somehow?

Not at this time, no. We’ve plans to refine the statistics options for the next major version, which include the ability to copy the list.

Got it, thanks.

Thank You MM. The Word Frequency recommendation worked. Unfortunately, the Synonyms portion did not. I tried selecting no text then right-clicking a word but no synonyms shown. I tried block selecting a word, but no synonyms shown. I can block select and right click, then select Writing Tools, which gives me different web-links to dictionary and thesaurus selections. That works ok, but I was just hoping for a more direct method. I tried your approach on several common words in different docs with same results – no synonyms. The word frequency help is very beneficial - Thanks

In the meantime, if you really need to export word frequencies - compile to plain text, and then you can run it through any number of online word frequency tools - just google word frequency and you’ll find a lot of them.

I ended up using AntConc, which is a free downloadable tool, it does word frequencies as well as a whole lot more.: …don’t mean to be spammy, just something I’ve found really useful.

You need to right-click without the text being selected; there’s a bug where the selection prevents the “Define…” and “Synonyms” options from appearing in the context menu. Right-clicking without the selection will only show Synonyms if WordNet has a definition and synonyms for the word–it may be a common word that still isn’t in their net. Try right-clicking the word “document” in the editor. That should be showing synonyms.