How to handle different variations of an expression?

Suppose one has different ideas, formulations, concepts, phrases for the same formulation, concept, phrase in a paragraph, page, sentence, so for example a single sentence has 5 different variations.

How could one manage, organize them? How display them? Could one use a special formatting to display them clearly arranged?

Write them where it makes sense–in the same line or under it–using Inline Annotations. I tag these with two question marks, but the inline annotations are instantly visible when scanning a page.

Thank you, Ahab.

I had tried to use annotations in Word, OpenOffice or so, but somehow I couldn’t cope with them. Yes, may be I should try again with Scrivener, actually they appear to work fine.

Two question marks? Where do you insert them?

Thanks again

Where do I insert the question marks??

Thank you for clarifying the question, yes, exactly.

I think the suggestion is to include a code (??) in your inline annotations so you can search for them easily using Edit > Find > Find by Formatting (ctl+F3).

Eg, suppose you mark your variants by prefixing them with VAR:

You can then move between them easily across the whole document with Find Next Formatting (Ctl-shift-F3) and Find Previous Formatting (Ctl-Alt-F3).

Of course, you don’t need to have the code, (Find by Formatting will work with no text in the search box) but it can be very useful to differentiate between the different ways you’ve used annotations. I use this technique to differentiate between TODO: and CHECK:, for example.

Many thanks, brookter, also for the screenshots.

So just the same / similar like using the meta tags, labels and such. But used for the comments / annotations by just placing a string, word, etc. somewhere within them. Yes, a very good idea.

Thank you very much again