How to handle same texts, e.g. speeches, lectures, etc. which needs different lengths for different performing times?

Suppose you have a speech, comedy show (stand-up comedy), a lecture or something like that, written with Scrivener, divided in documents, folders as usual. About two hours long, spoken. The time given at different locations to perform the text is differernt, may be an hour, one and a half hours, half an hour and so on. So you have to shorten the text according to the given time. There are different (sub) subjects you want to completely have in the performance or partially (and re-edited) and some are left, etc. What is the best way to manage / handle / (re)write the different versions (according to the given time)?

Is there a way to just have a single (complete version, two hours) and within that complete version the different versions for different time periods? Is it the same princip for: Hier Link zur Frage mit Verwaltung verschiedener Sätze in Szenen.

Making a new version for each time period? That would cause redundant text / information, I would not like. So editing would be more effort, more enconvenient.