How To Have Different Chapter Titles Throughout Document?

The new compile has really thrown me for a loop!

I want most of my chapters to be titled CHAPTER ONE, CHAPTER TWO, CHAPTER THREE, etc throughout my document when it is compiled into Word, and I have figured out how to do this (took me WAAAAY too long to figure out).

For what it’s worth, to make it show just the chapter numbers (and not the titles) I had to deselect the Title option from “Titled Selection” option, like this image. Not sure if that info is necessary to help me with my following question, but I thought I’d include it in case.

However, on chapter two, I also want it to show the title that I have in the Binder. (In the binder, I have it titled “Six Months Later” and I want that one to show up when compiled, underneath CHAPTER TWO. But that is the only title from the binder that I want displayed when it is compiled.

Any idea how to do this with Scrivener 3? I’ve already spent hours trying to figure it out and I have no clue what to do.

There should already be a section layout for that, if you chose an appropriate starting point, such as the “Modern” or any of the Manuscript compile presets.

While editing in Scrivener, you should be able to either manually assign a section type (in this case, you probably have a “Chapter” section type already created for you) to each document/folder, or you can adjust the automatic assignment of section types based on the hierarchy of your binder, if that works for you. You’d also create a special section type for the chapter(s) where you want “CHAPTER X” and the binder title, naming it something like “Chapter # + title”, for instance. Manually assign your special chapter document to the this section type in the inspector (or in the outline view with the Section Type column enabled).

Then when you bring up the compile window, you would click the “Assign Section Layouts…” button in the middle bottom. Then you’d say that “Chapter” means only “CHAPTER X”, or “CHAPTER X” + document text… whatever matches how you organized your project. And for the section type of “Chapter # + title”, you’d assign the section layout that includes the binder title.

This took me a bit to understand; Section Types are labels for what each document represents, such as a chapter, or a scene, while Section Layouts are a list of potential ways to format the documents labeled with those section types. Most compile presets include a variety of ways to format chapters/sections/scenes as appropriate to the name of that preset. If you start with a “Manuscript” compile preset, or other preset that is appropriate to a Novel, for instance, then you should have section layouts appropriate to that form… or at least enough of a start that you can avoid much customization of the preset. Linking up Section Types to Layouts is the key to getting what you want without having to create your own compile preset.

Thank you, I got it to work. I think I wasn’t understanding the “Assign Section Layouts” function. It may seem stupid, but I didn’t know you could click on the various previews to show how you want it displayed. I saw that it was grayed out and it wouldn’t let me click save or anything, so it seemed set. I couldn’t see how to change that. face palm I’m only admitting to my stupidity here in case it helps someone else trying to figure this out too.

Don’t worry about it. I had the same issue when I was testing the Beta; we don’t see this kind of thing in software very often, so we have to actively learn about it to make sense of it. I think “intuitive” as applied to computers is misrepresentation of what is actually just a familiarity with what we’ve already encountered, and sets us up to feel stupid for lacking knowledge.

@rdale wrote:

I think “intuitive” as applied to computers is misrepresentation of what is actually just a familiarity with what we’ve already encountered, and sets us up to feel stupid for lacking knowledge

Well said!