How to have enlarge search results screen and have it stay in place after I follow one item

So, here’s my deal: If I input a search item in the search box, it may return a list of many results. Scriv search box.jpg

However, that presents two problems:

  1. The search results box is very small, resulting in very truncated results strings
  2. If I click on one of the results, the search box disappears. If I want to see other search results from the list, I must click search again.

I’m hoping to find solutions to both these issues: to have a larger search box and to be able to have the list remain in place even if I click on a result to check it out.

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Does Search in Project (CMD SHIFT F) suit your needs?

Slàinte mhòr.

JoRo’s advice is sound. The search bar in the toolbar is a “Quick Search” bar that allows you to type a few words to quickly navigate to a document. It works much like the search bar in Safari, with the menu being the same width as the bar (I’m guessing you have a lot of toolbar items or a narrow window so that the search bar is narrow). Project Search, on the other hand, shows all of the search results in the binder area, allowing you to navigate between them.

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By default, Keith, does Project search ALWAYS search the entire project, or could it sometimes only search the highlighted item?


Thanks, Jo, that may be as good as it gets. Ideally, to save time and be sure I see all instances, I’d love to see not only the file(s) listed containing the search term, but all instances, in a list, as MS Word does in its sidebar, see my attachment.


If you click the magnifying-glass icon in project search, you are given options to refine the scope of any search. For example, “Search Binder Selection Only” can be very useful in limiting searches to set files / folders.

You can also load documents into the editor and then use CMD F to activate the standard search-and-replace function, similar to what you see in Word.

Slàinte mhòr.

And on that last note, since the Find panel is already pre-filled to the project search term, you don’t even have to open it and can simply scroll the editor to the next or previous match using the standard shorcuts for them, ⌘G and ⇧⌘G, respectively.

For even more detail into your search results, click the “hook arrow” button up by the X button where you close the search results sidebar. That will load the results into the main editor, where they can be viewed as corkboard, outliner or Scrivenings. I often prefer the latter, for text-based search results, since I can use the aforementioned ⌘G shortcut to jump through every matching instance in the search scope without having to switch binder items.

Using that method, I rarely find myself at a loss for context, because it’s all right there.

Thank you all for brilliant input!