How to have the last page of a novel as a verso page?


My Scrivener novel project always wants to have a recto page as the last page.

I want to configure my project for printing so I want the project to end on a blank verso page.

Please advise how I can do this?

Are you trying to get the header/footer on the last page? You can add a document at at the bottom of your Draft with just <$BLANK_PAGE> as the document text. In the inspector, or in the compile Contents pane, set this page to compile as-is and with a page break before. Make sure you don’t have “No header or footer on single pages” checked in the compile Page Settings. If you want the header to show, also leave “No header on first page and pages following page breaks” deselected.

I tried adding a text document with just a space as text to create a verso blank page with a page numbered footer as the last page. For some reason Scrivener then went and added an extra page on its own initiative to create a recto blank page as well. So I ended up with two blank pages (with page numbered footer) at the end of the novel. Scrivener seems to want the project to end in a recto page. I will try the above suggestions but something else is going on.

As to headers and footers, for the last verso page I don’t mind if the header and footer are displayed on the last page or not (I don’t really use headers at all, the footer is used just for page numbering).

In the Compile “Formatting” pane, how are the Section Layout > First Page options set up for the type/level that affects the document in question? There are options there that can force new sections to be on a recto or verso page.

Those options relate to starting a section on either a verso or recto page. I need to make sure that my project “ends” on a verso page.

I also tried <$BLANK_PAGE> at the bottom of the last page/text document but that did not result in a new page in the compiled PDF although <$BLANK_PAGE> did get hidden.

If I can’t make Scrivener do this I suppose I could submit the PDF to CreateSpace and see what happens. However, having worked with digital printers in the past my experience has been that they tend to like PDFs to have odd and even pages match up. This is a first for me using CreateSpace.

The First Page option settings are about where to start, but it could be forcing that blank page you added at the end onto the recto as a new section, with another blank page automatically being inserted between your intentional blank and the end of the previous document.

The <$BLANK_PAGE> tag needs to go on its own document, not just added as a line at the end of a previous text. So you’d create a new binder document at the bottom of your Draft contents and then just give it the <$BLANK_PAGE> text and nothing else, and set the “Compile As-Is” and “Page Break Before” options in the inspector.

Would manually deleting the last pdf page solve this problem? It is very easy to do in Preview if you are on the Mac. Acrobat (pro, not Reader) also has this functionality.