How to have the same license on two different user accounts?

I am the only one who uses my computer. I have one account for writing and one for other + work (helps keep me focused.).

I like scrivener so much to organize things that I’ve started using it for my academic work on the non-writing account, but when I tried to license it, it didn’t work. Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Scrivener licenses aren’t tied to which user account you use, simply the email address that you purchased the license from.

If your accounts are on separate computers, simply install Scrivener and provide the same license info on both – the requested email address is the address that you purchased the license as, and then the provided license key.

If you have installed Scrivener on your PC as an admin, then all user accounts on your computer can access Scrivener without having to re-install it. They do, however, have to re-enter the license information – and it’s going to be the same license information for each user (so the same email address and license key).

I just tested this with Scirvener 1.9.16 on my Windows 10 PC and was able to reuse the same license information across two separate accounts.