How to hide Scrollbar in composition mode?

Using Windows 11, entering the composition mode at first the scrollbar shows completely and a few seconds later without using it, it hides itself. But not completely. I still can see its shadow and an annoying bright line,.

Is it possible to hide it completely? as for a “distraction free mode” it is distracting me a lot.

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Can you post a screenshot of it? I use the composition mode on a daily basis (on Windows 11) and I never noticed anything regarding the scrollbar.

Also, which version of Scrivener do you have?

Mine is



Also agree not seeing any residual lines, could it be due to the background on the composition mode. Could also try changing the width. Agree a snapshot of the screen/screen capture would help. Have Windows 11 64 bit with Scriv 3.1.1

Hi! Thank you, guys for the reply. For some reason the forum does not allow me to post images or links (maybe because it is a new account). Well, i put the link to the print in my bio if it helps. Thank you

UPDATE: now i can upload images. Here we go :

My guess is the screen is not full width of the screen, when look at toolbar at bottom of composition mode see two sliders in lower left. Paper position and if slide to left when screen is not full width could see line on right

Yes, but that´s how I use it since day 1 (i use scrivener for some years now, first Mac then windows). I let the paper centered and sure not full width. But the line had never appeared before, but since I updated it is now there (not for sure if it was windows 11 or last version of scrivener, as i updated both in the same say).

Could be issue of different background in windows 11. I have windows 11 pro . But I would try width at 100% and see if line shifts and if not play with transparency and background

Well. This is now the “reply of shame” lol. But not completely, as it appears to be somenthing strange. But anyway, I did not have to put 100% width. I just adjusted 1% more or less wide and the thing is gone. It seems to appear in some adjustments randomly. But well, I can keep going with that.

If someone want to test it there to see if this happens too, just keep adjusting the width slowly till you find the glitch.

Thank you, guys. And sorry for my english… everyday worse :frowning:

The only other thing I saw was occassional line when hover with mouse on edge so drag scroll bar up and down otherwise could not reproduce the effect.