How to: Horiz Line after Section in Compile?

Version Version: Beta (887454) 64-bit - 06 Apr 2020

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this…

Could someone help me… I would like to set it up in the Compiler so that every time there is a new Section header it shows the section header with a horizontal rule after it. Something like this, except an actual line across the page.

-------- page break --------
My Section Name

Scene text blah blah blah

Can be done, but may take some fiddling.

In Scrivener, create a Horizontal Line on a page (Main Menu > Insert > Horizontal Line).
Copy that line. All of it.

Open the compile menu; double-click on your chose compile profile. On the left side, click on the Section Layouts tab. On the upper right side, click on the section layout your sections are using.

On the bottom of the page, click the PREFIX tab.
Paste your horizontal line. Type a return after it.
Check the “place prefix after title” box at the bottom.

Worked for me, but you may have to add more length to that line, or fiddle with its placement.

Thanks for the reply!

I was able to follow all of that, your directions are great! But when I got to the bit about “Place Prefix After Title Box” it’s grayed-out and won’t let me check the box.

Finally found it. You’re trying to output to ebook or html? Sadly, prefixes and the like appear to be disabled for those formatting types.

But don’t despair yet; this can still be done.

Switch to DOCX format for output; do all the above; compile to docx. This should put the lines after your titles. Open the docx file in Word or some other serious office program; export to the epub, html, or other thing. Not sure why prefixes after titles don’t work for some formatting outputs in Scrivener. Possible bug, but may be deliberate.

I’m wanting to do this for ebook output. But I’m happy learning how to do it in any case.