How to I compile with a first-line indent on every paragraph?

I want my paragraphs to have an indent on the first line.

I do not want to type spaces or tabs to indent my paragraphs, I want that to be part of the “paragraph style”, defined once for all paragraphs.

Ideally, the first-line indent would be shown in the editor as well as the compiled document.

Ideally, the first paragraph of any chapter (or scene, perhaps) would not be indented.

When I search for this, some answers say to go to “Preferences” but that seems to be for the Apple version, I can’t find it on my Windows version (v1.9.9.0).

How can I do this? Thanks

Hi, and welcome to the forums. To set a default format (including indent) for all future documents, go to Tools menu > Options, then Editor. Make adjustments in the sample editing window there, using the various controls for margins, font, size, etc. Click OK, and all future documents will use that format.

To apply that format to an existing document, go to Documents menu > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style.