How to I contact support for signing up?

How do I find out if I have purchased Scrivener? I bought it on Tuesday and used ABBI for a discount. But I have not recieved a confirmation email or the licence for Scrivener

  1. Have you checked your spam folder?

  2. You say you use both Windows and MacOS; have you bought it for both platforms? They are separate licences.


I did look in spam. I bought Windows.

Hello Cherirose, and welcome to the forum.

To open a support ticket, please use either the form or the email links on our contact us page to submit a help request.

For privacy reasons, we won’t answer licensing questions on the forum.

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Sorry, I saw you other post as soon as I had committed mine!

I’ll leave the team to sort it out—I’m just a user.



I sent a couple from that sight on Tuesday and no response.

Did you get the auto-reply from the help desk, which indicates that your message was received and a ticket opened? If not, that might be why you haven’t heard back.

I just checked the help-desk interface, and I don’t see any tickets opened with your email address.

I’ll DM you with the next steps on this.

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