How to identify Trial Scrivener vs Purchased (on Mac)

I downloaded Scrivener Trial, then minutes later, I purchased Scrivener. However, I’m not sure which one I’m using. I have not started any work on either, just reading the tutorials.

Is there a way to identify the trail from the purchased so I can delete the trail?

Thanks in advance.

Click on Scrivener at the top left and choose About Scrivener. This works for every Mac app.

Actually it works for every Mac app called “Scrivener”. :wink:

But seriously, isn’t it the trial version, until one enters the license key? I vaguely remember it being the same download.

It works for every Mac app named “name of the app”, and Scrivener’s trial version is the full version.



Question: I assume you purchased it from the L&L site after downloading the trial?

The trial is the full version but operates in trial mode until you activate it. It’s a long time since I did this, but check the Scrivener Menu. Does it say Activate Licence 5 items down the menu? If it says Deactivate Licence 5 items down, it is already activated. (if it’s not there it will be on the help menu which is where I seem to remember it on Win Scrivener) You should have received a licence by email shortly after the purchase which you use to activate it.

I recall reading somewhere in the introduction of Scrivener; if you begin to work in the trial version, you will loose all work at the end of trial, and that it is best to save and delete trial, before starting work on the purchased app.

No app I know of does anything like that. The app and the files it opens are entirely separate things.

Literature & Latte gave that advice for the Windows 3 betas – uninstall one before installing the next – but it didn’t affect projects, only the app.

@RuffPub mentioned the same menu I spoke of earlier (for activating the license):

About Scrivener

Correction: Save any work you did in the Scrivener trial version, then delete the Scrivener trail version, if you will be purchasing Scrivener.

Where does this quote come from? (Source) The macOS Scrivener manual states under 3.1.5: “Upgrading versions, registering your trial, or switching to a beta build will have no impact on your data:man_shrugging:t2: And that’s how it should work. Where did you download Scrivener from?

As I stated earlier, I don’t recall where I read it in the Scrivener information. However I will pursue the information you provided here. Perhaps it will give me a better understanding. I just want to make sure once I began working in the app, I don’t loose my work in a trial version. Seems I recall reading that information. I’ll see if I can find the manual.


Don’t worry, entering the license key will turn the trial into a full version (it already is, just not “unlocked”). I can’t think of any way this could possibly wipe out your data.

L&L staff here.

Just reiterating what others have said as I’m an Official Source ™.

Your data is stored separately from the Scrivener application. Upgrading, downgrading, deleting, or reinstalling the Scrivener application will not affect your data. (With that said, extra backups are never bad. By all means make one if you feel unsure.)

If you purchase Scrivener directly from us, we will email a license key which will unlock the trial version. The “trial” and “purchased” versions are completely identical – literally the exact same file – and there is no reason to delete and reinstall.

If you purchase Scrivener via the Apple App Store, the App Store software will install a new copy of Scrivener. In that case, you might want to delete the trial to avoid confusion.

But, again, your actual data will not be affected by any of this.

Edit to add: If you’d like to have a look at the manual, it’s available from the Help menu.

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With Scrivener open, click on the word Scrivener in the menu bar (as screen-shotted above by @drmajorbob and others. About five rows down you’ll see Activate License, at which point you click on that and enter the license code you received. If you see Deactivate License, well then you’ve already entered the license and don’t need to do anything else!

Thank you kewms; and Thanks to all those who have assisted.
I am truly honored to have all your attention to my dilemma, and assisting me in working out this issue.

Kind Regards, to all.


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Thanks Kinsey,

You are absolutely on point; as I see ‘Deactivate License’.

So, so, so relieved.

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Glad to help, good luck with your writing.

Deeply Thanks again.