How to import previous work stored as back up in pdf format

Hi my hard drive had crashed, & since i have succesfully reinstalled the scrivener software in my windows vista os.
I have my previous work stored as a back up in pdf & also some files in Word format.
How do i import my previous works back into the scrivener app.
Appreciate your guidance.
Many thanks.

Sorry to hear about your crash! If you don’t have any backups of your actual project and need to restart by importing the work in other formats, create a new project and then use the File > Import > Files… option. You can also just drag and drop the Doc/Docx and PDF files directly from the file browser into the new project’s binder or use the Import & Split option for the Word files to break them into multiple documents in Scrivener based on whatever delimiter you define (e.g. a # scene break mark or two blank lines).

Note that the PDF files are just going to import as PDFs, viewable but not editable (and not able to import directly into the Draft folder); there’s no way in Scrivener to convert them to text. Even software that does have this ability typically still has some problems you’ll need to clean up afterward, unfortunately. Depending what you’re trying to do, you may want to look for another program first to do a basic conversion to text on those and then import that text file to clean up in Scrivener, or just try copying and pasting the text from a PDF reader like Acrobat into a new blank document in your Scrivener project.

Many Thanks “MM” for your guidance & help.

Appreciate it very much, & apologies for coming on board to reply to you after so long !

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Also, to avoid the need to re-construct your projects from compiled output (in case of a future hard drive crash), consider going to Tools->Options->Backup and changing the backup location to something like a folder or wherever you back up your files to. Be sure to enable dates in the backup filename, and zip compression too.