How to Import Word Doc w/o Track Changes

When I import a word document (with track changes) into scrivener, the mark-up shows up in the body of the text i.e. the editors comments are interspersed within the manuscript.

Is there a way to save the word document so that the mark-up doesn’t appear in the manuscript?

Hi Roosh. Welcome to the Scrivener forum!

It’s not clear from your question if you are asking about importing a Word document with text that has been edited with Track Changes, or about text that includes comments made using Word’s Comments feature. What follows deals with Track Changes.

See if you get the results you want depending on whether the Track Changes feature is enabled or disabled when you save the Word doc. The on/off status of Track Changes is specific to the document and is saved with it.

Whether or not TC is enabled makes a difference when copying and pasting text, both within Word and between Word and other text editors, including Scrivener. That’s why I suggest trying that here – although my guess is that it will have no effect on what happens when you do an actual Import of a Word doc.

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I have no idea on the Word side (haven’t used it in a decade.) But on the Scrivener side, try turning OFF the “Import Comments as Inline Annotations” option (Options dialog, Sharing pane, Import tab—see manual page B.8.1.) This should import all Word comments as Scrivener Inspector comments, therefore keeping them out of your main text. If you then want to delete them, they’re easy targets.

Hope this helps!

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In Word, “accept [or reject] changes” to remove the markup, then turn off revision tracking (optional), then save (new or existing file). The resulting Word file should be void of any revisions.

More info about using Word at a lot of places, including How does Track Changes in Microsoft Word work? |

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Thanks for the replies. I figured it out after posting this thread :grin:

I had to delete the comments as well.

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